Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missed Bliss

Sharing a pack of gum is uncontroversial, most colleagues won't be impressed if you help yourself to a swig from their water bottles but my friend D___  shares her hand cream.

It comes out of her purse (a miracle of discovery worth its own story), she  squeezes a dainty line on her palm, and proffers the tube to a girl-friend who repeats the manoevure but hesitates before offering to the next-in-line, yours truly.

"Go on, try it," says D___ , who is often unimpressed by certain types of male objections, so I do, but what I notice is how ungreasy it is, how it sinks into my skin and the redolence of exotic sunsets or some other nonsense which, even as I enjoy, my man-brain snarkily carps is likely a synthetic pong created in a lab next to Fresh Kills landfill in Jersey, and now my forearms feel as soft as the proverbial babies bum.

The next day I go to the ladies' aisle, rather than the section where they stack the cheap vaseline-based junk for guys and unsophisticated people who don't know The Secret:  Spa Indulgence's Mediterranean Bliss, infused with Olive Leaf, Fig and Green Tomato.

I rush home, strip off and put dollops of the stuff all over the bod - a bit of jogging and lots of this stuff and an irresistable  summer physique is just round the cornershazaaam, baby !

Then I notice the goup ain't sinking in, I read the label and discover I've schmeered myself with Mediterranean Bliss Body Wash.

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